About The Author

Paul Western-Pittard.

Writer and screenwriter. The first thing that I was ever proud of was writing a story.

Then I went to school and after that got a real job. I’ve worked in and around film and television since 1995. I started in technical support for Silicon Graphics based special effects tools and very quickly thought that it’d be much more fun on the other side of things. Moving over to production, I worked with a number of animation companies, ending up in all sorts of director, script editor and writer roles for web and television. Which was like that very first thing I did, but with bigger budgets.

And then somewhere in the middle of that I wrote the first part of a strange scifi comedy series, ‘Jan and The Spooky Periscope Incident’ which was published early 2012. I also completed my first novel, a dark psychological thriller - Undreamed, which is available now. 2014 marks the launch of Unbeliever, a prelude to Undreamed and work on a new psychological thriller, and following that, development of a science fiction series.

I also collaborate from time to time with Melbourne artist, Wayne Bryant. A blog series, ’The Barefoot Goddess’ can be found on this site.

I can be found on:

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