About The Author

Paul Western-Pittard.

Writer and Screenwriter: Dark Psychological Thrillers & Fantasy. Stories of the Mind.

The first thing that I was ever proud of was writing a story. Then I went to school and after that got a real job. I’ve worked in and around film and television since 1995. I started in technical support but very quickly thought that it would be much more fun on the other side of things. Moving over to production, I worked with a number of animation companies, ending up in all sorts of director, script editor and writer roles for web and television. Which was like that very first thing I did, but with bigger budgets.

And then, just for fun I wrote the first part of a strange scifi comedy series, ‘Jan and The Spooky Periscope Incident’ which was published early 2012. Later I completed my first novel, a dark psychological thriller – Undreamed, which is available now. 2014 marks the launch of Unbeliever, a prelude to Undreamed and a focus on dark Psychological Thrillers & Fantasy. The first of these will be a new psychological fantasy series releasing late 2014.

I also collaborate from time to time with Melbourne artist, Wayne Bryant. A blog series, ‘The Barefoot Goddess’ can be found on this site.

I can be found on:

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