“Alice is driven to confront her other self while in her alternate life she follows an increasingly desperate, dark path on her quest to destroy her nightmare.”

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“…beautifully drawn and madly wonderful” 



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Lethe Rising – An Exhibition of Drowning

An Exhibition of Drowning – From the novella – Lethe Rising

An Exhibition of Drowning

The walls curved up and around him, like vaults, and he realised they must be deep in the hull. He found her sitting on a metal grill in the centre of this empty space, looking at a display behind glass. The room wasn’t like the interior of a boat anymore. The hold, if this is what it was, had been refit into a museum with displays and dioramas either side of a central walk. He kneeled beside her and she stared at him, her eyes wide.

“Come on,” he said, “let’s go. I think the ship’s drifting from the pier.” He looked at her. “We’ll be OK.”

“No we won’t.”

“It’s just the power. We’re fine.” But his words sounded hollow.

She shook her head, but allowed him to help her stand.

“No,” she said, “it’s not the power.”

He followed her gaze, and with eyes better adjusted to the red light, could see the display. He blinked as the coldness from before grasped him tighter.

It was an exhibition of drowning.

He turned, taking in dioramas of men and women frozen in time as epoxy water filled their cabins. He saw the panic and fear, the resignation and on some —  bright, confused anger. To his right, paintings picked out in blues and greens, now rendered black in the emergency lighting; of families struggling upwards under the pressure of tones of water, desperately seeking pockets of air. Faces, wide-eyed, distended in fear. Suitcases floating around them, spilling out photos and toys, precious things that would never again see the sun. Behind him, enclosed in display cases, mannequins in civilian clothes clawed their hands just beyond the painted surface of waves, pinned down by debris from a burning ship.

“We have to go,” he breathed.

Lethe Rising is a dark psychological fantasy available on Amazon.

Artwork by Christian Ronquillo. You can see more of his work here.

Lethe Rising – The Man in the Rain

The Man in the Rain – From the novella – Lethe Rising


“A drop of rain and everyone turns into a bastard.”

Daniel turned to a man, mid-fifties standing next to him, face creased in fierce concentration as he shielded his eyes from the rain. Road-spray stained his grey suit black, his legs a startling white under his rolled-up trousers. The businessman grimaced as he surveyed the street. “One small thing and it all goes to hell.” He wielded a newspaper, an oblique totem in this digital age, like a baton, coiled and dense. Tiny black print smeared over his fingers which gripped the pages too tightly, stained where they touched the paper. His fingernails compressed, white with pressure.

“One goddam small thing and people start going crazy.”

Daniel nodded as he shook out a cigarette.

“Got to keep your hand in the game or you wake up dead, know what I mean?”

Daniel’s head nodded in an automatic courtesy but his lips betrayed him. “No.”

The businessman took his gaze from the sky and planted it on him. “You get old and the things you think you knew you don’t know so much anymore. You can hide from it like a crab in a hole and wait to die or stay out in the sun. Me, I choose sun.” He smiled and the landscape of his face made his eyes reflective. “Not so much sun these days though.”

The cigarette burned low as people pushed past, taking advantage of the break in the traffic to move without getting soaked.  “Well,” said Daniel, dropping the butt into the water where it bobbed and rolled with the rest of the litter into the mouth of a drain, “need to keep going.”

The older man’s eyes dried and glinted with blades of regret. His hand raised, enough to cast a shadow over his face in the sudden glare of a streetlight.

“Do that then. Keep moving son. Keep remembering.”

“Do we know each other?” Daniel asked as something like recognition lit up a corner of his mind.

The other man smiled and shook his head. “Everyone knows everyone in this damn place,” he said, “You mark my words.”

Lethe Rising is a dark psychological fantasy available on Amazon.

Artwork by Christian Ronquillo. You can see more of his work here.



My name is Paul Western-Pittard. The first thing that I was ever proud of was writing a story. Then I went to school and after that got a real job. I’ve worked in and around film and television since 1995, which is like that very first thing I did, but with bigger budgets. I’m a writer and screenwriter: Dark Psychological Thrillers & Fantasy. Stories of the Mind. Find me on TwitterAmazonSmashwordsKobo and GoodReads